Howard Street Studios

162 Howard Street, Framingham, MA

A collective of artists creating and working in Downtown Framingham.

The studios are currently composed of 8 artists, each specializing in a variety of mediums — all active at showcasing and exhibiting their artwork. Together they collaborate on different projects and activities throughout the year, including hosting an annual two-day open studio event

The Artists

Judy Schneider      Michael Murphy      Felicia Tuttle      Andrea Rex

Cathy Gruetzke-Blais      Kristin Conant      Mai Mai Pietrowski

Laura Scheuerell

Judy Schneider

instagram: @judyschneiderart

Judy Schneider’s expressive style is intuitive and instinctual. Her paintings reflect this approach as they are highly dynamic, very “active” and are created using spontaneous and sweeping brushstrokes of rich color and line.

Michael Murphy

Instagram: @murphy170

Michael Murphy has had multiple chances to expand his universe in his 69 years and continues on his artistic journey to this point in his life.  After a successful career as a public school teacher, assistant principal, principal, director, assistant superintendent and superintendent, Michael turned to working with schools across North and South America as a national leadership coach, trainer, planning facilitator, and consultant.  Michael still consults with school districts and school leaders to this day; but he never lost his love of design and art in architecture, nature, and abstraction.  His exploration takes him to expressive abstraction as he studies design, form, shape, mood, motion, and color. 

Felicia Tuttle

Instagram: @fjtuttle

I paint what I see or what I feel or sometimes just what looks right.  I create abstract figure, wildlife, still life acrylic paintings and drawings. – the style isn’t important, just the act of painting and drawing is.

Andrea Rex

Instagram: @rex.andy

I paint in oils from observing the world around me. When translating the 3-D world to a 2-D expression, something surprising often shows up, and even the most ordinary subjects can emerge onto the canvas carrying strong feelings and eye-catching perspective.

Cathy Gruetzke-Blais

Instagram: @gruetzkeblais

Facebook: CatherineGruetzkeBlais

  Cathy is a fine artist and an art educator. Her acrylic paintings, sometimes with collage elements, focus on nature, color interaction, and texture. She strives to capture the energy of her subject matter.

Kristin Conant

Instagram: @conant.kristin

Kristin is an experimental artist, exploring a variety of subjects. Her mediums include oil paint, acrylic, cloth collage, digital and more. Subjects include animals, people, landscapes and book illustrations.

Mai Mai Pietrowski

Instagram: @maimaipietrowski

As an artist, Mai Mai is influenced by her connection with the wonders of the natural world.  The focus of her art is to provide an illustration of nature that inspires feelings of hope in the viewer.  As a colorist, her painting style emphasizes the contrast of bold colors with neutrals and the play of shadow and light.  She enjoys working with the design side as well – the juxtaposition of patterns and shapes.   The inspiration for her paintings comes from imagination, dreams, and nature and travel to her favorite places – Acadia National Park, Provence, Key West and Cape Cod.  She is a South End based artist at SOWA in Boston and a Juried Member of NAWA (National Association of Women Artists).   Her artwork is held in private collections in France, Switzerland and the United States. 

Laura Scheuerell

Instagram: @laurascheuerell

Creating art is the way I process my life. Whether it is a series of works centering on a specific theme or an individual piece, collage, painting, drawing, or sketch, success comes down to creating daily. Art records impressions marks special moments or inner thoughts, expresses the sentiment, and has the power to usher a viewer into an alternate space.